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Making My Therapist Laugh When I Can’t

So I have to wonder how it is that people think laughing is the best therapy. I think that the best type of therapy is making someone else laugh. It’s like a two-fer. I laugh because they laughed. Or maybe a three-fer because I also feel like I accomplished something in the process. I told my couple’s therapist that I have no marketable skills and therefore cannot get out of my (at the moment) unhappy marriage/life. I was so depressed I actually made a list of things to do before I killed myself. Yeah, luckily for me and everyone else, I knew the moment would pass, but a writer writes. ALWAYS. Right?

[Anyway, I am better now so don’t get all emotional or I may have to tell a really bad joke and then you won’t feel so negative about me ending it all.]

I don’t even remember the stupid joke I told her, but she laughed. Now is she REQUIRED to laugh if I am trying to be funny while suicidally lamenting that I am bad at everything? I wonder what the statistics are on stand up comedy suicide. I would think it’s pretty high. Ah, research! http://open.salon.com/blog/newfort/2009/06/13/why_do_comedians_have_a_higher_suicide_rate

I am right. (As usual). Bah.

So I am supposed to be a stand up comedian?? I liked the fact that I can make my therapist laugh. I have always used comedy as a way of blowing off the reality of life. I am only smart and funny around very specific people. It is so bizarre. So I guess I need to make them my sidekick. Like Conan has.

In the very moment I told that stupid (obviously forget-able) joke I was cured. I had proved myself wrong. I highly recommend that when you are feeling down that you DON’T go in search of a funny movie. It is WAY better to crack some joke-whip at someone else. No friends? Go to therapy. 😉


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